Security Devices

There are a large number of security devices to stop a casual offender or slow down the professional thief and, if the worst happens, aid recovery.  The NCC and the two Clubs always recommend use of a security device/s to secure your caravan or motorhome, whether at home or away and there is a range of products available.  Many have been tested for integrity by Sold Secure, an independent testing house, some also carry the Thatcham accreditation

Most caravan insurance companies will offer discounts for owners who install deterrents.  It is advisable to use a number of devices at the same time and, of course, to make sure that any products you choose are Sold Secure approved. Click below for more information on each device.

Hitch Locks

Wheel Locks/Clamps

Ground Anchors & Security Posts

Caravan & Motorhome Alarms

Tracking Devices


Sold Secure

Other Security Devices for Motorhomes

Reminder: A recent letter in Practical Caravan magazine alerted readers to the potential difficulties caused if you lose your caravan’s keys. This reader had left both sets of keys in his car, which was then stolen, leaving him searching for the key number for his van and the code for the wheel locks.  Moral: Keep key sets separate and in a secure place.