The key to keeping your caravan or motorhome safe is to ensure you have done as much as you can to deter thieves, especially when it is unoccupied. The easiest way to do this is by fitting a wheel clamp or hitchlock, this will often be a minimum requirement when seeking insurance. It is important once you have bought and fitted these that you continue to use them to ensure your insurance in valid at all times, if not, and you find you need to claim for an incident, you may be faced with a higher excess.

There are still a number of caravans and motorhomes stolen despite best efforts to try and avoid this, so ensuring your caravan or motorhome is secure will be a great investment. Some security devices can appear expensive, but it is worth noting this cost can be balanced out when you get a reduction on your insurance premium. Perhaps even more importantly, you have peace of mind that you have done as much as you can to keep your caravan safe, and if stolen, a much higher possibility of it being recovered.


The NCC established CRiS (Caravan Registration & Identification Scheme) in 1992 to provide keepers of touring caravans with services based on an organised national registration system, similar to the DVLA for cars. CRiS provides access to a register which helps keepers to protect the security of their caravans and police and insurers to identify and return stolen caravans to their rightful owners. 

If you are buying a pre-owned caravan, it is important to conduct a "CRiS Check" to ensure that you are buying from the registered keeper, that it has not been 'written off' by an insurance company and that it is finance free.

Security Devices

There are a large number of security devices to stop a casual offender or slow down the professional thief and, if the worst happens, aid recovery. 

Secure Storage

There is a great deal you can do to store your caravan or motorhome more securely.  Store it on a secure storage site or if you store your caravan/motorhome on your premises use security devices to secure it.