Secure Storage

When storing your caravan or motorhome it is important the location is right, it should be secure and provide protection from the elements. Your caravan being secure while not in use is looked upon favourably by insurers and can provide you with generous discounts on certain policies. In some cases the excess may even be waived if your unit suffers loss or damage as a result of theft from an accredited storage site.

Caravans are rarely stolen whilst in use but always take precautions while you are travelling.  The favourite place for thefts is your driveway or the yard of that friendly farmer where you leave it in the winter months.

Remember your caravan/motorhome is moveable, stop it from becoming removable!

  • Store it on a secure storage site.  Look for a site displaying the logo of CaSSOA (Caravan Storage Site Owners' Association). They have an official register of safe and secure storage sites across the country. As an owner, you can be confident that every CaSSOA site has taken reasonable measures to deter criminals.
  • Remember if you store your caravan/motorhome on your premises, use security devices to secure it. 
  • Also be aware that the absence of your caravan/motorhome from your home might advertise to thieves that you are away. Get your neighbours to help with security - make sure they know when your caravan/motorhome should be at home and when you are away. 

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