Choosing Wisely

Touring caravans and motorhomes are a complex combination of leisure vehicle, accommodation compartment, several different kinds of appliances (cooker, heater etc) and gas, electricity and water systems. With this all in one place, your safety is paramount. The NCC Product Approval scheme helps to make sure that the caravan you buy is safe and legal to use.

Safe Driving

It is imperative that your caravan or motorhome is safe, if it isn't, you put yourself, your family and other road users at risk. Click here to find out about driving licences, safe loading, speed limits, towing and payloads.


It is important that your caravan or motorhome is roadworthy and that it is regularly serviced. Go to Roadworthiness to find out more about approved servicing, tyres, seatbelts and road lighting.

Fire Safety

Fires in caravans or motorhomes can spread extremely quickly.  Therefore if you own or use a one, it is essential to follow the basic fire safety precautions.