Choosing Wisely

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NCC Approved

Touring cravans and motorhomes are a complex combination of leisure vehicle, accommodation compartment, several different kinds of appliances (cooker, heater etc) and gas, electricity and water systems. With this all in one place, your safety is paramount. The NCC Product Approval scheme helps to make sure that the caravan you buy is safe and legal to use.

Approved Servicing

If you are having your touring caravan or habitation area of your motorhome serviced, it is extremely important that the work is undertaken by a competent person. If you choose an Approved Workshop, you will know that is the case.


There is a very healthy market for pre-owned caravans and motorhomes. As with buying second-hand cars, you can get excellent value if you look around, but buying second-hand can be more risky than buying new. Click here to see our top tips for buying a caravan or motorhome.

Sizes & Imports

If you are purchasing from a reputable dealer, they should be able to check the car:caravan ratio.  Alternatively there are a number of computerised programmes on the internet that will match a car to a caravan.

Some larger caravans built in Europe or the United States could be too wide for British roads and therefore not legal for use in the UK.  If you are buying an imported leisure vehicle, it is vital that it complies with UK laws and regulations.